The difference between central air-conditioning "Tianfu Dishui" VS "Tian Shui Dishui"

Tian Fluorine Ground Water " is a dual-supply system, which is a combined system of central air conditioning + floor heating. "Tian fluorine water" as the name implies, the central air conditioner that the internal unit of the air conditioner takes fluorine and the floor heating takes water. It is a system that has been transformed and re-invested in the dual supply product market, mostly Japanese .

"Tian fluorine and ground water" dual supply system has both cooling and heating functions at the same time. More importantly, it has two independent systems for fluorine and water, and at the same time, the system can be switched freely through valve parts. When indoor heating, the two systems are turned on at the same time. Warm up to bring the room temperature to a rated value. When cooling in summer, it can be cooled/heated by a fluorine air conditioning system. Although cooling/heating is fast, it is easy to form condensed water when the air temperature is low during cooling.
The difference between central air-conditioning

"Tian Shui Di Shui"  is easy to understand, the central air conditioner with all the internal units running water. The dual water supply system that we are currently using in the mainstream is the so-called "heaven and earth water", mostly American. The operating principle of "Tian Shui Di Shui" is that the water pipe system transports hot/cold water to the room, and converts the hot/cold water into the form of hot/cold air through the indoor end, thereby heating or heating the room. The hot/cold air blown out by the air energy heat pump is not as violent as the wind of the fluorine air conditioner, but more like the feeling of natural wind.

The difference and comparison of Tianfu groundwater and Tianshui groundwater

Security and stability difference    
From the perspective of safe temperature, both  Tianfu groundwater and Tianshui groundwater are safe and stable  , provided that there is no problem with reasonable design, installation, selection, and configuration of accessories. The operating pressure of Tianfu is several times higher than that of Tianshui system. The fluorine system has a small flow and a large temperature difference, and the water system has a large flow and a small temperature difference.

difference in comfort    
The difference between the comfort of the fluorine system and the water system is in the supply air temperature. The fluorine system is a heat exchange, the refrigerant is in direct contact with the air, and the heat exchange efficiency is higher. Above 10 degrees, the water system is a secondary heat exchange, the refrigerant is cooled by water, and the water is cooled by the air. The temperature of the outlet air is 15~18°C higher, and the temperature difference between the return air is 5-8°C.  The reason why the water system feels more comfortable is that it is delivered The return air temperature difference is smaller and the outlet air is softer.

difference in operating costs    
The operating cost is reflected in two parts, one is the energy saving of the performance parameters of the product, and the other is the higher utilization rate of the system. In terms of product performance, the Japanese-dominated  Tianfu ground water is better in terms of both internal and external parameters.

The water system is mainly used in the project, and the size of the equipment, including power consumption and noise, is not too concerned. It is generally an AC motor. The power consumption of the 1P AC motor wind disk is 43W~62W, and the noise is 36~43 decibels. Optimize the power consumption for home decoration. The power is 7~26W, and the noise is 19~39 decibels. The internal unit of the fluorine system is mainly used in home decoration.

System installation difference
Tianfu groundwater installation is simpler and the system is more stable. During refrigeration, there are not as many system accessories as the water system, and there is no need to consider issues such as hydraulic balance and flow distribution at different terminals, which not only reduces the difficulty of installation, but also fewer problems that may occur later.

The difference between central air-conditioning

difference in system complexity    
Tianshui Dishui is an open system and then add accessories, and the construction selection is relatively more demanding  . The fluorine system is a closed system and only the original accessories can be used. The water system configuration involves additional accessories such as two-way valve, differential pressure bypass Valves, water pumps, and if the water is turned on at the same time, also need to be a secondary side system, which has higher requirements on HVAC dealers.
System usage difference
Tianfu ground water system and Tianshui ground water can be turned on at the same time, and it is faster to open the ground heating at the same time as the upper air plate and below. These two systems are more scalable and can be connected to the heat source of the wall-hung boiler for heating. 4 rows of pipes, as long as there is a cold source heat source, it can even cool and heat at the same time.

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